We must remain MINDFUL of the challenges our band of young mentees are possibly facing as we mentor them to accomplish both our visions and missions.


We must ENCOURAGE our band of young mentees to stay on track. 

As mentors, we value not only the time and skills that we possess as individuals but we seek the opportunity to share our positive insights, our learning and an opportunity to pass it on to our mentees as demonstrated. Learn about our core values below!


We must NEVER forget the reason we are undertaking this mission with out band of young mentees.


We must TRUST that a part of our vision involves making a commitment to help our band of young mentees through their maturing stages of life.


We must understand we cannot allow OBSTACLES to overcome our mission by continuing our efforts to form strong bands of awesome young mentees.


We must REMEMBER our vision is to guide our band of young mentees to accomplish and not feel defeated in seeing their conquests realized.


We must remain STRONG in our efforts to assist in helping our band of young mentees to work on their strengths and build up what they may presume as weakness,

Core Values